How We Compare

Determining how we compare to estate agents and other house buying businesses takes a variety of factors into consideration. Main factors you should consider include time scale, costs and the actual type of sale you get.

The fact that selling via an estate agent on the open market typically results in a greater sale price is widely accepted. This does, however, not offer any kind of guarantee in terms of timeframe and, in many cases, more than 50 per cent of houses placed onto the market via estate agents fail to sell at the original asking price.

How we compare – Questions to Ask

Some of the questions you may have to ask yourself include:

  • Has my property been on the open market for far too long?
  • Has my property been poorly marketed or over-valued?
  • Am I frustrated with my estate agent’s apparent inability to raise interest in my property?

Should your answer to any one of these questions be yes and you are serious about wanting to sell your house fast, it could well be worth getting a no-obligation, free cash offer on your house from us.

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How we Compare to Other Companies & Estate Agents

The following will show how we compare against estate agents and other home buyers.

Sell My House Fast:

  • Fast completion within between just 7 and 14 days (or within a time frame convenient to you)
  • Property Ombudsman regulated
  • No chains, meaning no unnecessary delays
  • No hidden/extra fees at any point
  • Free legal service (we cover all legal fees up to £1,000)
  • Firm offer
  • Quick completion means no more payments on your mortgage

Other House Buyers:

  • Completion may take up to 8 weeks or more
  • May not be Property Ombudsman regulated and/or use an appropriate code of conduct
  • May not actually be a cash buyer
  • Frequently charge fees for legal services and valuations up front
  • May in some cases be trying to raise mortgages, as opposed to offering cash
  • Offers are frequently dropped shortly before completion

Estate Agents:

  • Chains could break – buyers could change their minds and pull out of sales
  • May not be Property Ombudsman regulated
  • In most cases, costs have to be paid up front
  • On completion, estate agent fees and legal fees have to be paid
  • Sales could take between 6 and 9 months and a large percentage of properties never sells at all
  • Mortgage payments have to be made while waiting for a sale
  • You could face months of hassle, haggling and disappointment

If you are hoping for a quick house sale, we can make an instant, obligation free offer on your house. To join hundreds of satisfied customers who were able to take advantage of our services, call 0800 158 8664 and speak to a member of our experienced, dedicated team today.

Why how we Compare Matters

There are vast numbers of so-called property buying businesses out there. Many of these companies cannot offer you services at the same level we do. Most of them are also not regulated in the same manner we are. It is therefore important to ensure that you are indeed dealing with an authentic, trustworthy house buying company by always looking out for the NAPB and Property Ombudsman logos on such companies’ Websites. If these logos are not present, they are not members – and you will need to ask yourself why this is so.

Clearly, companies unable or unwilling to participate in the Property Ombudsman Scheme cannot operate under the same code of conduct as we do. This, of course, means they are unable to offer you the same peace of mind and protection we offer you. For a fair, obligation-free cash offer and hassle free sale’s process, contact us today.

What’s more, considering the charges and fees typically associated with selling properties the traditional estate agent way and the lengthy delays often experienced by sellers when choosing this route clearly shows why checking out how we compare is of utmost importance – and explains why so many sellers opt for our process each day.

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