How We Work In General

Following your initial contact, we will make an initial cash offer on your property within just 24 hours. If you require an urgent sale, we can have the cash in your bank account within just 14 days. If there is no urgency, we can work within a timeframe convenient to you. Working strictly to the code of conduct set forth by the Property Ombudsman Scheme, we provide a professional, reliable service and operate in a transparent, fair manner.

How we Work Explained

In essence, how we work can be explained in three simple steps:

  1. You fill in our form or call us and within 24 hours, we will make a preliminary offer on your property
  2. You agree with us on a price and confirm your desired completion date
  3. We complete the sale and place the cash into your account on the same day

For an instant no-obligation offer, please enter your property’s postcode in the box above.

You fill in our valuation form or call us on 0800 158 8664. Once a member of our team has taken all the details of your property, we will make you an instant cash offer and will provide a solution that is suitable for you and result in a professional, fast house sale whatever your circumstances may be.

Get more detailed information on all Sell My House Fast Services and/or get an instant cash offer for your house by calling us on 0800 158 8664 or contacting your local representative on 07790019243

Appraisal and Valuation of Property

We then arrange for an independent specialist to visit and assess your property at a timne convenient to you to confirm the property’s market valuation. If required, we will also carry out a survey (RICS) to determine the structural condition/ market value of the property.

There will be no costs/fees for you, as we pay for everything, including legal fees. You are under no obligation to sell your property at any point. If you require a fast sale, we can visit the property within just 24 hours. Using utmost discretion, we will then process matters efficiently and quickly.

When you are ready to go ahead, we will proceed to completion as fast as possible. Completion can be achieved within a matter of mere weeks and, in urgent cases, can be arranged within as little as just 7 days. If, on the other hand, you are working to a specific timeframe and require more time, we can fall in line with your timescale – the choice is ultimately yours.

On getting the go-ahead from you, we will arrange for a solicitor who is law society registered and independent from us to handle all legal matters connected to the sale. There is an added bonus: we pay the legal fees, which typically range up to £1,000.

Progressing matters as fast as possible, we will then agree on a convenient completion date with you. If necessary, we can give you extra time by prolonging the process. On completion, we will send the funds directly to your bank account on the same day.

  • Use our cash offer form or call us for a free valuation 0800 1588 664

  • Get a no obligation cash offerwithin 24 hours for your property

  • Complete the sale of your propertyat the timescale you need

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