Terms of Business

Sell My House Fast Terms of Business – Basics

Sell My House Fast will make you an initial, in-principle offer. Based on the market value estimation provided by you, this offer indicates how much we may be prepared to pay for your property.

Should you make the decision to go ahead, an appraisal of the property you wish to sell will be arranged by us. This appraisal will include a minimum of one valuation provided by a local (in relation to the location of your property) valuer.

Once the appraisal is returned to us, we will make a formal offer on your property, which will be subject only to survey and contract. On your decision to proceed with this formal offer, we will arrange and pay for an inspection of your property by an RICS Chartered Surveyor.

Depending on the property appraisal’s actual outcome and your desired timescale, we may offer you some alternative options at this point. You are not under any obligation to go further at any point.

Should the survey by the RICS Chartered Surveyor reveal that the property is of non-standard construction, defective in some way or otherwise not ‘mortgageable’ and/or ‘marketable’, our formal offer could be either amended or withdrawn.

Sell My House Fast Terms of Business – Lawyers

Selling a property necessitates use of a property lawyer. Your options are to instruct a lawyer of your choice or use a lawyer recommended by us.

Should you decide to use a property lawyer recommended by Sell My House Fast, we will cover all of your legal fees. Should you decide to use a lawyer of your own choice you will be required to pay your own legal fees.

Your chosen lawyer will be required to have at least two partners and Professional Indemnity Insurance (minimum £2million). He or she must also be a Licensed Conveyancer or Solicitor based within the UK and should not have any disciplinary proceedings and/or actions registered against them. An external agency will be instructed by us to verify the identities of all of the property’s registered sellers.

Sell My House Fast Terms of Business – Confirmation of Formal Offer

On receipt of the legal title report from our lawyer and the RICS survey report, our formal offer will be reconfirmed by us. Should any adverse issues with the potential to have an impact on the property’s value be raised within either one of these reports, it may become necessary for us to make an adjustment to the formal offer. Both reports will be available for inspection both by yourself and/or your lawyer.

Sell My House Fast Terms of Business – Exchange of Contracts

Until the exchange of contracts, you are not under any obligation to go ahead with the sale of your property. The exchange of contracts will be carried out by your lawyer only upon being instructed to do so by you, at which point you will become legally bound by the contracts to proceed. A date of completion will be agreed upon prior to the exchange of contracts.

Sell My House Fast Terms of Business – On Completion

Unless otherwise agreed, your property will be taken over/sold with vacant possession upon completion.

In certain situations, Sell My House Fast may agree to permit you to remain within the property following completion. Generally referred to as a so-called ‘license to occupy’, this permission is, however, only given for a limited, agreed upon period of time.

Should you have any questions concerning our terms of business, please do not hesitate to call us on Tel: 0800 158 8664 and speak to a member of our team.